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Intelligent High Speed IR Dome Camera TK8001

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  • Intelligent High Speed IR Dome Camera TK8001
  • Intelligent High Speed IR Dome Camera TK8001


Intelligent High Speed IR Dome Camera TK8001-IR

·Import powerful IR Lamps, strengthen IR LED light source, enhance long-distant image vividly
·All metal structure: all die-casting aluminum design, rapid heat conduction, reasonable temperature control to guarantee stability of long distant vision
·Separate cabinet design: separated design of camera and IR LED to solve damage camera when IR LED is on for a long time to guarantee camera stability
·Perspective rate is high: use optical glass, reduce IR loss at the most when go through transmission media, enhance IR sensitivity of camera for long distance
·High resolution for middle/near distance
·Simultaneous linkage : camera and IR LED are all cogradient no matter in any angle, camera image and IR source are in the same vision all the time, without blind spot
·Intelligent Light intensity adjustment: apply local most advanced IR control technique to solve no face image with white color, reflect light, IR LED different angle with different start, auto adjustment of light intensity realize near distant vivid video
·Advanced level of design
·Beautiful appearance, independent intellectual property right, patent protection
·Advanced IR LED, advanced IR LED control technique
·Reliable quality, longevity
·Longevity: local most advanced LED driven design of constant current and constant voltage to protect IR LED to be long life
·Super safety: all die-casting aluminum structure for anti-strike and aging resistance, perfect heat dissipation
·IR LED of different starting time effectively reduce total power and temperature in order to prolong life
·Excellent system design to guarantee longer stability
·Outstanding heat dissipation
·Separate cabinet for camera and IR LED, heat can not be transmit to camera, which guarantee LED long life
·Die-casting aluminum structure, heat can be easily transmitted outer cover
·IR LED of different starting time effectively reduce power and temperature
·Convenient Installation and adjustment, easy maintenance and upgrading
·Easy Outer wire connection to currency: video wire, currency and RS485 are independent
·Easy setting switch : only screw out 4 screws then open bottom cover to set switch
·Camera Flexibility: suitable to many camera agreements
·RS485 protocol is suitable to Pelco-P/D automatically, no need to set switch
·Only need 3 minutes to chance camera: screw out 4 screws to change cameras
·Convenient changing IR LED: separate cabinet design, easy demolition and replacement
·Optional IR LED board for different distance to realize products’ variety 


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