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Megapixel IP Camera

3 Megapixel IP Camera TK-FE050CU

Date:2015-09-17 Click:

  • 3 Megapixel IP Camera TK-FE050CU
  • 3 Megapixel IP Camera TK-FE050CU


Model: TK-FE050CU

Features & Functions:

3 Megapixels 360 degree Panoramic IP Camera
•It adopts fish-eye panoramic imaging system, which haven’t blind area in the center. 
•HD 3 megapixels output, huge vision cover and high resolution; 
•It is fit for the meeting room, office room, hall, market, warehouse, plant room and some indoor area to monitor; 
•Free Panosee panoramic surveillance system software, can unwrap to watch the panoramic videos in eight models of Digital Holder (D-PTZ) in real time; 
•Supply Windows SDK, which can access to third-party network management platform.


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