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Wireless Receiver TK-2402

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  • Wireless Receiver TK-2402
  • Wireless Receiver TK-2402


2.4G Wireless Receiver TK-2402, Wireless CCTV Security System


 2.4GHz modulated frequency receiver, 4 chennals for you to choose
 Can put out the audio and video signals
 Can display by TV, LTD TV and monitor
 Demodulation Type: FM
 Input VSWR: 2.1
 Receiving Frequency: ISM 2400MHz-2483MHz, CH1=2414MHz; CH2=2432MHz, CH1=2450MHz; CH2=2468MHz
 Intermediate Frequency: 480MHz
 Frequency Stabilization: 100KHz
 Local Leakage at Input Terminal: <-55dBm
 Receiving Sensitivity: <-85dBm


How to Connect Wireless Between a Computer & a Stereo Receiver?
 With the advancement of technology, new gadgets come out every day
 One of best and brightest is the USB wireless audio adapter
 This unit connects your computer system to your stereo receiver, without the burden of extra cables
 The product provides a wireless receiver that picks up the audio transmission from a USB device plugged into your computer
 It takes that signal, converts it to a usable format, and sends the audio to your stereo speakers via cables. Set-up is a piece of cake
 Purchase a USB wireless audio sender/receiver
 Locate and connect the USB sender unit to your USB port on your computer. Take the unit and plug it into the USB port
 Let your operating system detect the new hardware and install the drivers
 Plug the receiver into an electrical wall socket near your stereo. This process will depend on the unit you purchased. Some units will connect directly to the socket. Others will have a cord that plugs into the receiver and then into the electrical socket
 Insert the provided cables into the jack of the receiver. Most units will be color-coded if there is more then one jack. If you are unsure what goes where, check the instruction that came with the product
 Plug the other end of the cables, now inserted into the receiver, into the input jacks on your stereo. Again, more than likely the cables are color-coded but check the manual if you are unsure. You are looking for the RCA input port on your stereo receiver
 Turn the receiver on if necessary. The receiver may take a few minutes to pick up the varying signals
 Turn the stereo on if necessary. The two units, stereo and computer, should be linked now. Test it out and play some music on your computer
Package Included:
 1 x 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Audio Video Receiver 

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