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wireless Video door Bell


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  • PV3501_2V1
  • PV3501_2V1


Applicable scope
TK-3501, TK-7001Applicable scope
      Villa, the unit family is generally considered the following the installation of the left figure, through the wall to play a plug, screw fixed hanging shell, and then the front part of the outdoor machine through the screw fixation. Office, including the agency units, the company is generally considered the following the right side of the installation of the installation method, the larger the size of the outdoor machine, as long as the door or wall can be used to use. If there is a socket, you can choose the power adapter, such as no socket, you can choose the battery power, about half a year, when the battery does not support real-time monitoring functions, in the front of the outdoor unit to remove the screw, can be used in the battery replacement, or placed in the indoor unit charge. Installed on the battery directly after the machine, hit the screw.


Screw fixation


Directly glued to the door or wall.



Basic function
1 2.4GHz full digital frequency hopping and encryption technology
2 monitoring
3 intercom
4 wireless unlock
5 night vision
6 active and automatic camera
7 indoor display brightness and call volume
8 to support the power of the lock and unlock the power
9 an indoor machine can monitor up to 4 sets of door machine; a door machine can call 4 indoor units
10 date and time display
11.16 tones of the first chord, the bell and the bell ring volume can be adjusted
12 outdoor machine with rain cover
13 indoor machine with 3.5 inch color display image
14 there are two kinds of working mode in front of the door
     A no power supply, the working time of the battery can be up to half a year;
     B after the power supply directly to work, there is also a battery charging;

Specification parameter


Outdoor unit TK01

Indoor machine extension M35

Power Supply

Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz AC
Output: 5V/1A DC

USB power supply

Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz AC
Output: 5V/1A DC


CMOS 300000 pixels

Screen size

3.5”TFT  320×240

Light source

6 LED lights


3.7V 1250mAhLithium battery

Power waste

Standby 0.2W; unlock 12W

Power waste

Standby 0.1W; job 2W

Communication frequency


Communication frequency


Transmit power


Transmit power



126×93×42 mm


141×87×20 mm

Installation method

1 taped to the wall or door
2 wall mounted

Installation method

1 with stand on the table, tea table
2 wall mounted

Charging time

3 hours

Charging time

3 hours

Standby time

30 days

Standby time

20 days

Outdoor unit TK01 body diagram

System composition 

Door machine part:

(1)  Door machine  TK01   


(2) Power adapter: 100-240V 50/60Hz  Output:5V/1A  Line length: 1.5m 


Indoor unit:

(1)  3.5”Indoor machine M35


(2)  USB power adapter: 100-240V 50/60Hz  Output: 5V/1A  Line length: 1m


System can1Drag1, 1Drag3, 1Drag3, 1Drag4

System can2Drag1, 3Drag1, 4Drag1




1 door machine

(1) MIC (2) Camera camera microphone (3) shield (4) Rain fangyuzhao infrared night vision lights IR LED
(5) LED on Green when call match or code on in charge Call in low voltage when indicator LED (6) button Red
(8) SPK () Connector (9) for Power Match (10) cover switch (12) Code Battery pre-reserved (11) place for soldering antenna


(1) SPK (2) LED () Display antenna (3) MIC (4)

(5)  Viewing button (6)  Lock-open   (7)  Intercom

(8)  Left  (9) ▼Down (10)  right  (14) ▲ Up   

(11)  charging indicator (12)  Working state indicator (13)   Photo taking

(15) USB Charging port(16)  Power Switch (17)   fixing groove  (18)  battery cover (19)  Plastic support

 Way of Lock connection

User need to by a 12V Power adapter to connect wireless lock opener

,which can be placed within 15m to TK01, without cable,thus TK01 can be i

nstalled in the right position.

During installation, turn on the indoor monitor and place the indoor unit to the 

right place according to the signal strength, so as to get ideal status.

Normally, Electrical lock is active when power on, while magnetic lock active when power off. 



              Power on active                            Power off active


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