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Industry news

Visual doorbell manufacturers: security cameras, surveillance camera is the key

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Visual doorbell manufacturers: security cameras, surveillance camera is the key, intelligent alarm camera center platform system is very diverse, each customer's home situation is different, so the need for product features are not the same, so we must pay attention to the use of smart alarm camera center platform, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble for the safety of the home.
Many users through the network to understand the smart alarm camera center platform unique anti-theft feature and the successful case of the actual application, has aroused a lot of consumer desire to buy, in addition, after the use of the customer's praise, and also to the surrounding neighbors to introduce this smart camera center platform products.
Today, most of the users are using the phone line and GSM way to send police intelligence, but now there is the problem: these types of intelligent alarm camera center platform to upload the alarm time are generated, each month down a good few blocks, many users began to produce so much spending. In order to provide customers with better services for their province more money, Yun Junrui Sunshine Electronic Science and technology research and development of a "0" telephone intelligent alarm camera center platform system, users can now do not have to pay any fee will be able to enjoy the service.
With the development of the network, and now millions of households dragged cable, we all know that the network cable is installed every month to pay much money to calculate, usually many users home network traffic are exhausted, due also can't get a refund, we use now the network developed a profit with video surveillance camera through the network transmission alarm a smart alarm camera center platform system. Now only need to link the central platform of the smart camera platform and the home network can be achieved without the cost of uploading the alarm, but also do not need to spend too much traffic. Our company is just better use of customer resources to develop more customers to save money for the use of products. Now the network is very popular in the country, the network type intelligent alarm camera center platform system is very popular with the consumers, not like before each month to pay traffic fees, but better use of existing resources to make full use of. Intelligent alarm camera center platform system 0 calls products have been comprehensively promote the country. Approaching Spring Festival, there are a lot of a lot of burglary cases, many residents of the user to during the spring festival began to family safety prevention attention, many users are installed anti-theft door, burglarproof lock, anti-theft doors and multiple means to protect the safety of family. However, many users or family also suffered late breaking theft thief. This is why? With the development of the times, the tools of the thief is also more advanced, the traditional anti-theft tools are not thieves, in order to change this situation, the new smart camera center platform system operations and life.
Intelligent alarm camera center platform is the main tool to prevent the home security, it can realize the intelligent home security, without wiring, can realize remote operation, and can realize the network alarm, the use of surveillance cameras, video surveillance. Either the thief or guzei, can not escape the camera intelligent alarm center platform fayan. To install a smart home smart camera center platform system, it is tantamount to a set of their own eyes and ears to the home, we can not only hear the sound of the scene, but also video surveillance equipment to monitor the video. Like the ancient myths and legends of the eyes and ears. Intelligent alarm system is composed of a central platform of video networking alarm center platform and an external detector, the video networking alarm center platform is a control device, the external connection detector is a sensor device. When an intruder broke into your home, the video network alarm center platform detector will be sensed, and then the signal to the host, resulting in alarm. Now the intelligent alarm camera center platform has a high sensitivity, a lot of functions, can meet the needs of different users.
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