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Industry news

NVR or DVR? Why market selection should be so tangled

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In recent years, with the continuous development of the network technology, the security monitoring field has entered the era of the whole network. In the growing popularity of monitoring network, as an important part of network monitoring, NVR, has gradually become an important part of the whole network equipment.
The full name of NVR is Video Recorder Network, which is often referred to in the security monitoring of network video recorder, and its core features are certainly focused on its network function, that is, its network characteristics. In the system architecture, the network camera and video encoder are located at the front of the device. The system through the security camera to receive analog audio and video in the digital processing of the encoder, the IP stream to the form of NVR, and then by the NVR to focus on video storage, management and forwarding. Based on the characteristics of NVR, it is bound to be more flexible. Therefore, it can not be restricted by the physical location in the network, according to the environment to achieve on-demand deployment.
The difference between NVR and DVR
Speaking of NVR, you may think of the DVR NVR, the "old"". Compared with the DVR, although they belong to the "family", but due to the different each other appendage of the working environment, so their difference is very obvious:
Different working environment
First of all, the difference is the way of work, in the traditional DVR system, because the monitoring center and DVR is used to connect the simulation, so the convergence mode is easy to increase the transmission distance caused by the loss of analog signal. This feature is also bound to the limitations of the DVR, and thus it is often limited to the monitoring system. And NVR as the whole network architecture of the monitoring system, you can break through the IP network geographical restrictions, appear in the place where it is most.
In addition, on the independence of the work, DVR can be independent of the video to obtain, compression, storage and management, such as the system to work, and NVR will have to work with the front of the camera and DVS to achieve normal work.
Different storage function Video door bell
One of the most powerful effects of DVR devices in our application is that it has powerful video and storage capabilities. However, due to the overall pattern of work, DVR is more of a role in the back-end, such as signal, once the front of the line or equipment failure, it is easy to cause the signal because of the inability to send to the DVR store and cause loss. For NVR devices, because in the overall structure of the system, NVR can support in the front, center control link, and the client three points in any point of storage, and the system can not work properly, automatic completion of the central control and the front end of each backup. Therefore, once the system fails, it will not cause the loss of data, which is more prominent than the DVR device.
Differences in management and maintenance
Compared to the DVR device, the full network management capabilities of the NVR device is undoubtedly one of the highlights. In the management, the NVR device can smoothly realize the transmission line, the transmission network and all network front end equipment monitoring and management, which also includes the working status of the equipment and so on. For DVR equipment, the same is due to the center to the front end for analog transmission characteristics, it is difficult to achieve the overall system of equipment and line management, not to mention the ability to monitor the equipment, so the management of the device is still a lot of inconvenience.
In addition, the wiring of the device, NVR is also more simple than the DVR line.
Security differences
For the security of video surveillance, it has been the focus of attention. And in the video security management, NVR has a fairly perfect encryption or authentication and other measures. This will undoubtedly be safer than DVR devices of signal transmission in the process of the "naked", may management scope of DVR is smaller, so bear the equipment security risks to relatively small, but for NVR network of have the aid of is, this protection is more necessary.
Can NVR really replace DVR?
Compared with the application of NVR, many people in the country may be in a relatively early stage of his understanding, but in foreign countries, NVR products have begun to be widely used in some security industry, or with the security industry related high-end areas. Although this two years with the improvement of the network environment, as well as the growing importance of network monitoring, some of the country's analysis of the NVR have a very positive attitude, and even think that NVR will be a lot to replace DVR in the next few years. But in fact in the entire network monitoring market, the application of NVR is far from being so optimistic that NVR is still in a very slow development, then the NVR equipment is really able to replace the DVR? In the process of popularization, it has encountered resistance?
Since China's security monitoring gradually into the network era, the network products should focus on not just a taste of its own advantages, but also to focus on how to find their own place in the current limited network environment. And now the network equipment to want to compete under the simulation monitoring, destined to achieve a big breakthrough in the transmission quality. The current situation is that the NVR products, although the majority of small enterprises in the advantage is very obvious, but if you want to apply in large projects, then the network will be a large area of transmission bottlenecks
NVR or DVR? Why market selection should be so tangled

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