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Industry news

Scheme of video surveillance system of China National Pavilion at World Expo

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In order to meet the needs of safety and scientific management of the Expo site, in order to carry out a comprehensive, timely understanding and tracking, the accident can quickly make a correct judgment and reaction, and give correct, quick command and processing, the entire venue of the monitoring system for the use of camera number more than 300 HD, video video files stored in a hard disk video recording mode, storage time is about two weeks, the total storage capacity of 100TB. Its video memory structure is shown below:
This video surveillance storage device is provided through the IP network to all video encoding devices, including video server (NVS), network hard disk video recorder to provide video surveillance video storage space. Other servers or monitoring devices can be directly read from the disk array of video surveillance video, or video surveillance video through video encoding devices.Video door bell
Scheme advantages:
1 fully use the advantages of the network, flexible deployment of storage devices, authorized users to protect access to the storage of video data, is conducive to the prevention and control of external security camera.
2 data flexible call, the video surveillance data integrated application platform can achieve seamless support, is conducive to the expansion of the monitoring system function.
3 network storage solutions, simple and easy to use, price economy, with a sound independent configuration wizard interface, simple and easy to complete the system configuration. For those data that grow rapidly to monitor the storage environment, and also help to reduce costs and complexity.
4 large capacity, low cost, a set of storage system can save 300 Road, up to 30 days of video. Whether storage performance, capacity, reliability and availability, can be well meet the requirements of the key areas of video surveillance storage.
5 compatible with a variety of video encoding devices, support for the majority of mainstream video surveillance equipment manufacturers encoding devices, including NVS, DVR and PC-DVR security camera.
6 professional and reliable storage devices, and the characteristics of video surveillance storage in IO, management and other aspects of the optimization. Support 0/1/5/6/10/50 Raid and other Raid level settings, support network redundancy, support power, fans and other hardware redundancy, support for network fault recovery and system image backup and other enhanced data security and reliability of technical means, and the virus's invasion has excellent defense capabilities.
Video surveillance video data storage technology
Security industry has made great progress in the country, "peace city," 3111 projects, "the global eye, and other major projects; video surveillance in transportation, food, customs, energy, finance, defense and other fields, the market prospect is quite good. As an important component of the network digital video, the storage system has many problems, such as the disc, the lock and so on, which seriously affect the normal use of the whole monitoring system, so the video data storage has become one of the most concerned security products in the market. Current digital video, the most commonly used is the following four ways: hard drive, DAS, NAS, SAN. These methods have their own short board.
Hard disk
DVR, DVS after the hard drive or server directly connected to the extension of the cabinet, the way is the use of hard disk storage. It should be said that the use of hard disk storage, and can not be regarded as a strict sense of storage system. The causes include the following:
First of all, the hard disk is generally not equipped with RAID system, the data on the hard disk is not redundant protection, even if there is a RAID card or soft RAID implementation through the host. Serious impact on the overall performance;
Secondly, the expansion ability is very limited, can not achieve data storage.
Again, the hard drive late maintenance costs, especially in the way DVS after the hard drive, its maintenance costs tend to exceed the cost of purchase within a year. It should be said that the hard disk storage mode is not suitable for large digital video surveillance system. In particular, a digital video surveillance system is needed for a long time. In general this way is to coexist in the same system with other storage methods, as a buffer or emergency alternative storage method.
Direc (Attached Storage Direct), the full name is directly connected to the additional storage, the DAS method can be very simple to achieve the capacity of the platform, while the data can provide a variety of RAlD level of protection. Its connection mode is shown in figure 1:
DAS direct storage
Using DAS mode, the HBA card is deployed on the video storage unit. A data channel for a storage device with a back end. The front end of the video storage unit can be a DVR, or a video storage server. The channel can be used in optical fiber, IP cable, SAS cable or even USB. Using DAS mode and can not simultaneously support a lot of video storage service unit at the same time, and its capacity to expand its capacity to rely heavily on the choice of storage capacity of its own. So in the large digital video monitoring system, the application of DAS storage mode will cause the system to maintain the difficulty of great improvement. It is because of the characteristics of DAS storage, so this storage method is generally applied to DVR for the expansion of small digital video surveillance project.

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