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Industry news

Security camera for the rapid growth of the civilian market

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In fact, in the field of security camera application, the growth rate of the civilian market has been higher than the trend of government applications. Shen Xin pointed out that the current security monitoring market in China is still dominated by the government, but the civilian market is still increasing trend, the main demand is reflected in large shopping malls and residential areas in the first tier cities is being upgraded, the other two or three line cities are starting to appear similar demand.Video door phone
For example, in a retail store, video analysis can pass out information, to remind the clerk to have access, or to remind the lack of a store shelves of products. In addition, shopping malls alignment sale shelf camera can not only make the monitoring, also can be found that the shelves of the product shortage, product discharge is scattered, by way of service to remind manager or salesperson replenishment or finishing, Shen Xin said.
Above application scenarios can be accomplished with other sensing techniques such as RFID, but it can also be extended after the video data is extended to the value-added services. In order to promote the development of intelligent video analysis, and after the end of the video surveillance products in recent years has achieved great development. In the front, today's smart analysis camera has been able to do a very sophisticated smart video analysis, the back end of the progress is accelerating. Shen Xin pointed out that in cloud based video computing applications, due to the different types of servers required for different loads and design, it will need to develop a new type of intelligent analysis of video storage products, including cloud storage servers and cloud intelligent analysis server, etc.. These products are more suitable for video analysis, which is more suitable for video analysis.
Shen Xin said, from the point of view of investment or investment development, the current domestic system integrators have been transferred from the government related projects to the civilian direction. With the growth of the civilian market more business model, the development of civilian video market will be more rapid, and even become the main consumer class camera.

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