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Industry news

Things will be innovative product development security camera

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However, in the thinking of intelligent analysis, based on cloud computing and cloud storage product design framework, the fact that the whole thing is to take into account the design trend of the whole thing - the hardware homogeneity and the low cost of hardware - this is the characteristics of the Internet of things. Shen Xin pointed out that the Internet of things architecture need to open the product design, because only in this way can guarantee the smooth access to fifty billion devices network. But this in turn will bring challenges to the device, product homogeneity will bring profit cuts, low cost trends are more likely to accelerate the advent of the red sea. So when the video application is extended to the commercial market, the competitive advantage of the device will be reflected in the brand and user experience.Video door bell
In simple terms, in the integration of the concept of commercial video applications, security camera product design not only for the application to do optimization, but also to ensure that the interface, standards and protocols and other aspects of interoperability. These problems, in addition to the hardware structure, to a large extent, must be resolved by software. "The software architecture is very important to speed up the intelligent real-time analysis." Shen Xin said that many of the domestic system integrators are actively exploring the software architecture, while the pain points are not in the hardware costs, but in the system is easy to use, network delay, accelerate intelligent analysis algorithm and other difficulties, and the platform of software products for their help will be great.
In addition, the security camera analysis for the network real-time storage, transmission has a very high demand, and thus the basic network and architecture optimization is essential, which is the main challenge for all video applications in the future

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