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Company news

Visual doorbell function

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Visual doorbell function Video door bell
1, using ISM 2.4G digital public frequency band.
2, transmit power 20dBm, receiving sensitivity -105dBm.
3, the air transmission rate of up to 2Mbit/s, greatly shorten the space transfer time.
4, the use of ARM9 kernel, super computing power.
5, simplex, half duplex, duplex modes.
6, with 8 digital audio signal serial input, 16 voice sampling accuracy, DAC audio output port.
7 using high-definition camera, 30W pixels, 320*240 resolution, 2.4 inch LCD display, as clear as day and night.
8, the image is compressed by MJPEG, and can reach 15~18 frame / sec.
9, communication distance up to 300 meters in the open.
10, the use of AFH adaptive frequency hopping technology, randomly generated 40 bit password, anti dry, security, strong.
11, automatic power saving sleep protection, can be an external wake-up work.
12 indoor machine uses 3.7V lithium battery, the full working time current is 190mA, the standby time is 20~30mA.
13 outdoor machine with 4 1.5V dry battery, easy to install, can be used for half a year.
14, through the FCC certification and ROHS certification
15 other optional features: image automatic memory function, image camera function, can be implemented two drag three.

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