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Industry news

Wireless visual doorbell We find that many of the cable companies in the market are looking for new

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Video wireless wireless door phone bell. or Video door
With the continuous development of social economy, people's living standards continue to improve, the demand for the product is also growing, cable doorbell can not fully meet the growing demand for consumers, to get rid of the shackles of cable, to achieve the dream of wireless world. Demand will have a market, in the consumer market continues to expand, the wireless doorbell market gradually take shape. With the growing maturity of wireless digital technology, wireless digital doorbell performance and grades are gradually improving, but from the current market view, the level of Wireless Digital Doorbell still has a lot of span, because some manufacturers in the early stage of market formation for greater market share, they are not too much time in quality. Optimism is that we found on the market a lot of wired doorbell manufacturers are looking for all kinds of new ideas to improve the doorbell of grades, including improved appearance, performance improvement, improve the sound quality and quality, to the doorbell can enhance the grade of, some companies will find solutions company to design their own wireless high-grade door bell, and some companies is not willing to spend more money to improve or improve product quality, in the market gradually mature, the doorbell manufacturers in the market lose competitive advantage.Video door phone
Wireless video doorbell product features: 1. The visual intercom: a visitor, pressed the doorbell, hands-free voice clear, such as in front; 2. Outdoor monitoring function: the door there is a strange sound, gently press, be clear at a glance, safe and secure; 3. Remote control unlocking function: home too late; outside the cold weather; in bed does not want to get up; in front of the computer did not want to get up; gently press to see, automatic unlocking; 4. Photo archive function: master at home, visitors. As long as the people to light the doorbell, they automatically take pictures of the store, the owner came back after free inquiry. Do not miss any important meeting; 5 anti demolition alarm function: if someone in the door to engage in sabotage, indoor and outdoor machine will alarm.

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