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Industry news

Security alert to the integration of the Internet to breed new opportunities"

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China security industry began in alarm ", China's anti-theft alarm product application began in the early 1960s, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, the technology research of burglar alarm was originally used in the Imperial Palace Museum, the criminals steal a sound as an alarm signal, duty officer heard the sound to take corresponding measures.
Into the end of the 20th century, Japan Secom is representative of the alarm service enterprises took the lead to enter the China, and China's security service company take cooperation to carry out security services, also opened the alarm industry start. As the entire security system in the basic system and the core system, anti-theft alarm system indispensable.
With the continuous progress of technology, the traditional single burglar alarm is also beginning to gradually realize the integration with other subsystems. And in the new round of market competition, the Internet provides a new opportunity for the development of these enterprises.
Anti theft alarm industry trend of integration
After a period of development and precipitation, the security alarm industry in China began to show the situation of integration and development, the enterprise's comprehensive strength continuously upgrade, and take the international arena. With the industry reshuffle and the impact of the Internet, enterprises gradually return to the rational, to diversify the direction of development, anti-theft alarm industry has opened a new situation.
Continuous improvement in the overall competitiveness of the industry
Security product manufacturers in China is the first to set foot in the field, the early warning system is the main passive infrared detectors, alarm host using only a single telephone line, and with the continuous development of science and technology, domestic enterprises continue to learn from foreign advanced R & D innovation ideas, on the one hand, the application of domestic practice, the security alarm products gradually to the new height, some of the good products and programs have begun to exceed international brands.
We all know that, for a long time, the international brand with high quality products, well-known brands, professional technical services and large-scale market promotion, which greatly occupy the share of China's high-end anti-theft alarm projec

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