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Industry news

Analysis of 3G/4G technology used in anti-theft alarm system

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The development status of burglar alarm system
Burglar alarm system is the most important part of the whole security system. When there is illegal intrusion or occur as a gas leak, fire, old illness in the event of an emergency, by installing in the interior of the various detectors to detect alarm, anti-theft alarm generate alarm, alarm center will be in a few seconds to obtain the alarm information this immediately sent security or ambulance personnel rushed to the alarm site for processing.
As safety and prevention system of the most important part, anti-theft alarm system using automatic anti-theft electronic devices, where unattended, and infrared technology to detect various types of magnetic switch is adopted to judge illegal intrusion, gas leak sensor detection, through the alarm horn or lights the scene. At the same time, the alarm through telephone network to transmit to the alarm center or owners themselves. At the same time, in the room when someone has an emergency, but also through a variety of wired, wireless emergency button or keyboard to the network center and the owners to send emergency distress information.
The common anti-theft alarm system comprises a detector, alarm controller, alarm, lights, alarm center.
With the rapid development of the Internet, also appeared in the mobile alarm terminal of smart phones and tablet computers, mobile alarm management with the app.
Two, the traditional anti-theft alarm system networking
Tradition of guard against theft and alarm host and alarm center network composition is usually divided into: wired telephone network PSTN, wireless mobile dial-up communications GSM network, wired IP network communication mode and wireless data communication network GPRS.
We first understand the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional communication mode:
1, the advantages of PSTN: telephone line reported that the main advantage is to cover the area is relatively large, the user group is relatively large. Disadvantages: there are some problems in the traditional telephone alarm system, alarm communication speed is slow, the time required for a few seconds, with time, easy to plug the line, has a great influence on the effectiveness of police intelligence; the communication link can not detect the telephone line fault state, or cannot be destroyed immediately after was found, the police cannot report; compared with the way of network communication, telephone alarm high cost; through most of the traditional PSTN anti-theft alarm system cannot or is not convenient for the withdrawal of the front-end equipment deployment operation, but no method of real-time query front-end equipment working state, not easy to unified management center system; and with the traditional phone lines the transformation, brought a lot of similar transmission instability problems.
2, the advantages of wireless GSM dialing: compared to PSTN, the network form is not bound by the physical connection form; disadvantages: dial up reporting delay high, concurrent error, unable to reverse query device status, the base station signal coverage, in the past, the cost is relatively high.
3, the advantages of wireless GPRS network: the solution of the traditional telephone dialing mode (PSTN and GSM) all the problems encountered. Network communication cost is low the 24-hour heartbeat detection on line state, and performs feedback control (withdrawal of deployment, fire alarm, bypass, etc.) and query the host state operation, easy to a wide range of TCP / IP network management. Easy recrimination (withdrawal of deployment, fire alarm, bypass, etc.), easy to query the status of; for small data transmission alarm information, can meet a large number of police intelligence report without blocking. TCP/IP network management for large scale. Disadvantages: but because of the impact of signal base station coverage, many times the wireless communication network transmission rate is slow, only the transmission of some of the police intelligence or can, and for video streaming is simply unable to transmit.
4, the advantages of the IP network, set PSTN/GSM dial-up network and wireless GPRS communication mode of the long, and the transmission rate is fast, timeliness is strong, the line 24 hours heartbeat detection, data encryption and protection. Not only can transmit the alarm, equipment, etc., but also can transmit pictures, video stream and other information. Alert report at the same time upload some events at the scene of the picture or video, alarm pictures or video review in the realization of the mobile terminal or alarm terminal, the first time interpretation on-site alarm authenticity and enhance the efficiency of alarming. Disadvantages: limited to the deployment and the site of the cable network. In contrast, with the development of the Internet, the popularity of the network, the cable network has a very high regional coverage. But some remote areas or the need for rapid deployment of the site. Cable networks are hard to cover.
Overall, IP network, PSTN, Each one has his good points. cable GSM, GPRS4 communication. So, is there a better way of networking communication can be used in anti-theft alarm?
Three, the application of 3G/4G communication technology
For the last section of the question, there is no better way of networking communication? The answer is yes. With the advent of the Internet era, mobile operators to build a lot of base stations, 3G/4G signal coverage. It not only has the advantages of cable IP network, but also easy to quickly deploy. With the mobile intelligent terminal equipment to achieve a real sense of the system level of convenient mobile services, networking costs are low, easy to quickly layout networking management.
With the development of mobile Internet technology, 3G/4G mobile communication technology is widely used, which can quickly and high quality transmission data, such as audio and video, and so on. Able to count Mbps speed transmission, than the current home broadband ADSL (4000000000000) 25 times faster, and to meet the requirements of almost all users for wireless services. In addition, 3G/4G can be deployed in the DSL and cable modem without coverage, and then extended to the entire region. Obviously

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