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Industry news

Closed circuit monitoring system

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CCTV (television closed-circuit), the closed circuit television monitoring system is a comprehensive security system, the system uses the world's most advanced sensing technology, surveillance camera technology, communication technology and computer technology, to form a multi - functional full range of high - intelligent processing system. Closed circuit television monitoring system, which can give people the most direct visual, auditory experience, and the visual, real-time and objective record of the monitored object, has become the main means of the field of safety protection, and is widely used in the application.
1, the structure is reasonable: it is to use the advanced and reasonable technology to architecture system, so that the whole system safe and stable operation, and have a good future expansion conditions.
2, stability and security: the technology of the system is the guarantee and foundation of high performance, and can effectively reduce the use of personnel and system maintenance personnel. Good scalability is to consider the development of the user.
With the growth of the security engineering company to monitor the application of the system, the future of the security monitoring system requirements will be higher. Scalability guarantees when the user has more requirements, the introduction of new devices can successfully and the equipment to work together, to further expand and improve the performance of the closed circuit monitoring system.
3, product mainstream: the CCTV monitoring system is used in today's mainstream products, related to the overall quality of the system and the future can get good technical support and complete technical documentation.
Monitoring and controlling of the near and far distance of the closed circuit monitoring system. According to relevant national technical specifications, the system should be set up security cameras, television monitors, video recorders (or hard disk recorders) and graphics processor, etc., can be used to adjust the user can see any picture, remote control operation of any camera, etc..
Closed circuit monitoring system generally consists of three parts: front end equipment, transmission parts, back-end equipment (including control equipment and display equipment).
The main components of the monitoring system are: camera or imaging device, image transmission and control equipment, image processing and display equipment. The technical requirements of the closed circuit television monitoring system are: the clarity of the camera, the transmission bandwidth of the system, the signal to noise ratio of the video signal, the standard of the TV signal, the function of the high quality and operation of the system, and the environmental adaptability of the system.
In the industry of our country, the monitoring system of closed circuit monitoring system, closed circuit monitoring system, and building closed circuit monitoring system is the most widely used in our country.
Its main features are: the system uses matrix host control, through the TV wall to monitor the front end, the long delay analog video recorder and playback;
Its main disadvantages: when the video recording data needs to be a long time, it needs a large amount of video tape, consumes a lot of manpower and material resources, and the operation is not convenient when the video is retrieved. Therefore, the hard disk video recording system based on digital storage technology has been developed for several years, so far, the technology has been completely mature, and it has solved the technical problems of the traditional image storage and playback.
Digital hard disk video recording system not only has the advantages of low cost, high efficiency, but also has the advantages of network transmission, remote transmission and storage. At the same time, the digital and transmission network of hard disk video system can realize the linkage of the system and the security alarm system, so as to provide a reliable basis for the alarm event.
A complete closed circuit television monitoring system is mainly composed of front end audio and video data acquisition equipment, transmission medium, terminal monitoring device and control device. Monitor the area in real time by installing a fixed camera or a full range camera in the monitoring area. Transmission lines through the camera to collect signals transmitted to the image splitter and amplifier, and then imported into the monitor, realize the comprehensive monitoring of the monitoring area.
Front end equipment: equipment for collecting audio and video information in front of the system. The operator obtains the necessary sound, image and alarm and other information required by the front end of the device. The system front-end equipment including cameras, camera, PTZ, controller, alarm detector and decoder.
Transmission medium: the information transmitted to the control device and the terminal equipment is transmitted to the control device and the terminal equipment. Mainly include video lines, power lines and signal lines, in general, the video signal using coaxial cable transmission, but also can be used in optical fiber, microwave, twisted and other media transmission.
Control equipment: is the most important part of the whole system, it plays the role of coordinating the entire system. It is the control device to obtain the required monitoring function. Meet the needs of different monitoring purposes. Control equipment mainly includes audio and video matrix switch controller, control keyboard, alarm controller and operation console.
Terminal equipment: it is the system of the acquisition of sound, image, alarm and other information to be integrated, in a variety of ways to display the device. The system is to provide the most direct visual, auditory experience, as well as the monitoring object to provide the visual, real-time and objectivity of the record by the terminal equipment display. System terminal equipment mainly includes monitor, video recorder, etc..
Closed circuit television monitoring system is the application of optical fiber, coaxial cable, microwave in its closed loop transmission TV signal, and from the camera to the image display constitutes an independent and complete television system. It can be real time
Closed circuit monitoring system

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