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In-depth residential security

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Access control system after decades of development, from single door access control function to a complete set of regional access control management system, it can be said to have been quite mature.
Access control system classification
In recent years, with the development of induction card technology, biometric technology, access control system has been developed, according to different application areas, in terms of security, ease of use and other aspects of demand, access control system based on market demand and development.
According to the different recognition methods of the import and export, divided into three categories: password recognition, card recognition and biometric
Password recognition by the name suggests is the right to identify the right to enter the password, the advantage is easy to operate, no need to take the card; the disadvantage is that the password is easy to leak, security is not high, no access to the record, only one-way control, buttons easy to damage, failure.
By reading the card identification card or card encryption methods to identify and access privileges, including magnetic card and RF card card. Magnetic card has the advantages of low cost, one card, the safety of general and open records. The disadvantage is that the card, equipment wear, short life, the cards are easy to copy, card information will void due to losing the external magnetic field. Radio frequency card has no contact with the advantages of the device, open the door is convenient and safe, long life, high security, open the door to record, can realize the two-way control, the card is difficult to be copied. The disadvantage is the higher cost.
Biometric identification is the identification of the biological characteristics of personnel, such as fingerprint recognition, face recognition, vein recognition, etc.. The advantages of high security, no need to carry the card; the disadvantage is high cost, the identification rate of the installation environment and user requirements.
According to the design principle can be divided into one machine access control and access controller two categories
Access all-in-one machine is set LCD display, keypad, card recognition or biometric access control equipment in one machine, belonging to a single access, usually installed in the door, the operation is flexible and easy to use.
The access controller is divided into two types, which are the controller, the reader and the controller. Controller card comes with the defects of the controller must be installed with the door, some control line may be exposed in the door, no card or password can easily open the door, security is not high; controller and reader card reader, only read the line at the door, and other control lines are in the door, and the reader is transmitted digital signal, therefore, invalid card or password can not enter the door, security is higher.
According to the access control system and computer communication mode is divided into RS485 communication, TCP/IP cable and wireless communication
RS485 communication is usually used in small systems, communication lines, stability is good; the disadvantage is that once the installation position of the device is fixed, it is difficult to replace the computer's central management position, not easy to achieve remote or network control.
TCP/IP cable and wireless communication, is the current access control system and computer server application is more common communication way, the advantage is that the management center can change, especially wireless communication, reduce costs, and it is easy to realize remote management and other security management system integration, to further improve the security; the stability of the system communication depends on the stability of the large access control management system and decentralized units.
Access control system is a security management system, a high degree of stability, a variety of communication methods to achieve the interconnection between security devices and systems integration, to ensure that the flexibility and scalability of the device is an important aspect of the selection.
Access control system
Type selection from the product type, such as the offline independent access control machine and the network access control machine. Independent access control machine through the main card, vice card, or password keyboard settings and access, the advantage is easy wiring construction, the price is cheap, the disadvantage is that there is no access to the right management, no access to the record, only the basic access control functions, the door for a long time, more complex. Network access control machine can set up and access control through the management software of the back-end server, set up a powerful access control management function and authority, can monitor access control in real time, query records, more and more convenient, safe and high security.
From the functional aspects of the selection, identification and access control equipment from biometric access control equipment, such as fingerprint identification machine, or card reader, high security, and no need to take the card, to avoid leakage key and can not open the door. From the access control machine with LCD display, LCD display is more user-friendly, more humane, the shortcomings of LCD life is short.
From the origin of the selection, the development of China's access control products have been quite mature, perhaps foreign access control products are also very mature, part of the stability of foreign brands is better than the Chinese part of the brand, but not necessarily suitable for China's practical application, such as price, use habits and so on. Or part of the stability of the Chinese brand will be better than the foreign brands, therefore, the specific application environment based on the actual choice.
Closed circuit monitoring system

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