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Industry news

Asia Europe security Expo

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By the global alliance for security industry, government departments as a support unit, Shenzhen Security Industry Association, Xinjiang security technology to prevent Industry Association, Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center Co sponsored the "second session of the China Eurasia security Expo" and 'the eleventh Xinjiang police anti-terrorism technology and Equipment Expo', 'the first 2015 China (Xinjiang) International Fire Safety Emergency Rescue Equipment Expo' opened in the same period.
China - Asia Europe security Expo (hereinafter referred to as the "Eurasian security Expo"), formerly known as the Xinjiang police technical equipment and social public security products Expo, has been successfully held for the 10th.
The security Expo will be held in International Convention and Exhibition Center in Xinjiang on August 27, 2015. This security will be the "peace Xinjiang, smart security, innovative applications, service livelihood" as the theme, there are 300 enterprises from many countries participating, exhibition area of 20000 square meters, from domestic and foreign exhibitors representing nearly 1000 people, is expected to attract domestic and foreign merchants nearly 10000 people.
In addition to the security of the current security products, in addition to the full appearance of high-tech security products, but also added a new UAV flight performances. In UAV flight performance competition scene, advanced, flexible, fresh UAV flight performance, or hawk, darling, or flexible and efficient, swift intrepid, attracting a large audience stop and watch.
Intelligent security products are gradually into the people's lives, in common with the elderly care, intelligent anti-theft alarm, personal health and digital life, and many other areas of security technology. Family security products are increasing, the high-tech family security tools and products to become a major highlight of the current security expo.
China - Asia Europe security Expo will fully enhance the public security technology and level of Xinjiang, open up the domestic security industry's foreign trade field, to provide quality services for the security industry in Xinjiang and neighboring countries.

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