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Industry news

Family security down to earth to abandon superior gorgeous

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Smart home to surprise people, but due to some of the smart home market standards, the product is uneven, the situation of cohabitation, the smart home market frequently encountered a bottleneck. In the face of such a situation, many intelligent large coffee also actively looking for countermeasures. First of all, to develop uniform standards for smart home industry, manufacturing some ground gas PFP intelligent products, rather than blindly to attract the eye make gewgaw product to mislead the public, the lost the market.
With the rise of the concept of things, smart home has gradually become the focus of attention. If we say that a few years ago smart home is only intelligent system this concept, now it has stepped down from the altar, in a friendly way penetrate into everyone's life, in the home market set off a new wave tide. This is the 2015 smart home world conference revealed the industry's new trend, the conference in August 21st in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, 4 hall held the main venue, attracted more than 800 domestic and foreign experts from the field of smart home and core technology experts. Worthy of attention is that Jingdong, 360 platforms have also entered the market, want to in this new world in your flag.
More refined products in the field of break up the whole into parts
Mention of high-tech products, there is always a sense of awe. High-tech if not grounded, that for ordinary users only to be shelved, touch to a concept. The smart home on display as a high-tech, from the original focus on intelligent systems, segmentation into various groups of people, all areas of the product. Human interactive design, so smart home real landing.
"Now in the home, more and more families choose home care, which also drives the smart home extended to the field of health care." Shanghai, Gu Xiaoyan, director of the Department of medical equipment Limited by Share Ltd marketing to reporters, this new trend. To their company's smart mattress as an example, it will be a combination of nursing and clinical nursing, set the heart rate detection, body motion sensor, from the bed induction, respiratory testing and other functions in one. Through mobile phone testing report to observe the heart rate, breathing, sleep and other physical reactions, even if not in the elderly can also be a moment to understand the physical condition of the elderly.
Home security is an inevitable problem for any family, intelligent product development company also aimed at this piece of. Cat's smart door locks, in addition to the traditional keys, password to open the door, but also increased the fingerprint identification and remote control functions, through the APP control, to solve the problem of the key to forget to forget, but also for the family security and a layer of security.
360 companies in the development of the children's Guardian smart watches are focused on solving the problem of the safety of children, parents can through the watch for children to carry out GPS positioning, but also a two-way conversation, the time and the child to maintain effective contact. And a shape similar to a small drop of smart cameras, you can monitor the dynamic of children and pets in the home through the mobile phone APP, a video broadcast, face recognition and other functions, the full range of the situation at home.
Market trends
Large platform to use data aggregation industry resources
As the industry giants big platform company, they are willing to put the resources and energy in smart home, not only because it is the industry young little meat, more important is to see its development potential. Jingdong Deng Zhengping, director of the business unit with the data illustrates this: Jingdong every hour there are 60000 people will look at smart products, there are more than 8 of the smart products are users, we believe that smart home must be the future trend."
And this is the intelligent puncture a fallacy with one remark the advantages of data Home Furnishing be richly endowed by nature in the hands of a large platform. Through analysis of the background data, they can easily know what kind of products the user needs, the behavior is what kind of behavior on the website. And the traditional hardware manufacturers are limited in that they sell products, do not know where the product is sold, how the use of the user, the big platform can be feedback to the user data feedback to the manufacturers.
Large platform to use data aggregation industry resources
"I believe that a lot of manufacturers are not just a hardware manufacturer, they want to provide more services to enhance the viscosity of the product, and enhance the brand's pull lift." Deng Zhengping said, this is another reason for the freedom of the brand is willing to find a big platform for cooperation. And Jingdong, 360 such electricity supplier platform from the harvest is the aggregation of industry resources, a variety of creative products will undoubtedly attract more attention.
Not only that, they are also intended to facilitate the formation of industry standards. Although many manufacturers in the smart home, but the technology exchange is relatively limited. "Exhibitors are most afraid of peers, with the anti thief." Participants of the Shenzhen Rambo Security Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Wang Xiaofeng said, industry is not mature, everyone in different protocols and technologies.
And the accession of the big platform is conducive to break the barriers of this kind of mutual technical barriers. Deng Zhengping said: our APP can achieve different manufacturers of products are access to a platform, and all access to the platform of the products can be interconnected."
Small businesses try to use direct sales to save the cost of sales
Platform settled no doubt has the superiority, some small Internet companies are not to be outdone, they are another way, the direct way, to o2o line installation services as a business
Family security down to earth to abandon superior gorgeous

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