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Industry news

Security technology help energy conservation and environmental protection Family security down to ea

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Energy-saving environmental protection is mainly rely on three ways to complete: first, technology, through technological progress to complete energy conservation, the current preliminary estimates, technical energy saving on the "five eleven" energy-saving emission reduction targets to achieve the contribution rate of 40%; two is the structure of energy saving, the contribution rate in 50~60%; three is the system energy saving, relying on the government to introduce energy saving measures, energy price policy standards, etc.. In general, to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction, the government should implement more effective measures to strengthen the management and supervision, the introduction of higher energy efficiency standards and system policy.
On the current situation of the development of China's security industry, energy saving and environmental protection is mainly reflected in the technical aspects of energy saving. One is to develop the production of energy-saving products, the two is to achieve energy saving by changing the way of power supply.
One, the development of energy-saving products to achieve energy saving
Energy saving products can be understood as low power products, by reducing product power consumption, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving.
Video surveillance products and technology energy saving and environmental protection performance
The purpose of the construction of the security monitoring system is to record the monitoring scene, and to report the abnormal events in the area, to ensure the safety of people, financial and material in the place. From the design point of view, the priority is to detect accurate, clear image, alarm, no error, storage and transmission reliability.
Energy saving and environmental protection of the construction objectives of the security monitoring products and their system to put forward higher requirements, taking into account the social and economic benefits, through a series of measures to achieve energy saving and environmental protection, so as to bring considerable economic benefits and social benefits. Such as electronic components and chip indicators of low power consumption, power conversion efficiency, the algorithm computation; the implementation of security engineering, such as wiring, auxiliary, and power supply mode put forward new requirements.
1, hard disk storage products and technology
With the implementation of the "peace city" and other large-scale projects, the video surveillance system is becoming more and more popular and the demand for data storage is increasing. So the hard disk manufacturers have introduced more storage capacity, the larger the hard disk capacity, and the required energy consumption. Usually DVR to install 1-8 block of hard disk, for a long time to save the image of the monitoring system is usually installed 8 pieces of hard disk. If you have 8 hard drive at the same time, there will be considerable energy consumption. Now the DVR disk technology and use the hard disk sleep technology, under normal circumstances only a piece of hard disk in read and write operations, other drives in sleep, waiting for the state, ought to need to switch the hard disk awakened a specified hard disk, this technology not only to achieve the saving energy consumption, and greatly extend the service life of the hard disk (extended hard life is energy saving and environmental protection). In addition, the power consumption of the existing 1TB hard drive usually in more than 13.5W. Now the launch of the green energy-saving hard disk technology, than conventional type hard disk to save energy 4-5W, and performance still remain stable.
2, liquid crystal display products and technology
The emergence of the LCD screen, the video surveillance system from the original high power DLP screen into a new energy-saving environmentally friendly LCD screen; LCD monitor has gradually replaced the traditional CRT monitor, not only the power consumption greatly reduced, and the equipment casing also reduced the amount of raw materials, thereby saving the product manufacturing industry raw materials, and reduce the production process of energy consumption and manpower. With its good use effect and high cost performance, it has been widely used in various fields of national economy. And in the whole security monitoring and display system, the LCD display system has the largest energy consumption.
Liquid crystal display system in the rapid development at the same time, can not ignore the impact on the environment. In order to meet the demand of energy saving and environmental protection and the construction of resource-saving society, how to reduce the LCD splicing display system of power, has become a direction of liquid crystal splicing industry development, more is to reduce energy demand, reduce carbon dioxide emissions legislation in the present work in future generations event.
3, the entrance control and biological identification technology
Biometric technology has great advantages in the aspects of safety, convenience, ease of management, etc., the most important is to comply with the trend of energy saving and environmental protection. Fingerprint access control, so that people can discard the traditional access card, only need to contact the fingers or in close range, can identify the success, a large number of access control card. Biometric access control system as if it can be popularized in the country, in the energy conservation and environmental protection must have a special contribution. After all, it is really in the reduction of a large number of access card production, greatly easing the environmental pollution of the waste access card.
Two, changing the way to achieve energy saving
Power supply of the change that is through the use of wind, solar and other renewable environmentally friendly energy emitted by power, reduced to coal, oil and other traditional energy dependence and consumption, reducing traditional energy input costs to environmental protection and energy saving effect. Below through examples to illustrate the security products or the security monitoring industry can achieve energy conservation and environmental protection.
Highway, outdoor unattended station, outdoor power tower and other fields will be the use of solar power generation system for the relatively small power supply, such as external field monitoring camera, microwave transmission equipment, can design monitoring and transmission equipment using DC12V or DC24V power supply system, so as to match the DC power supply system, so that the inverter can not be saved, and the power consumption.
Security technology help energy conservation and environmental protection

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