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Industry news

2018 global security products market demand will reach $126000000000

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According to FreedoniaGroup's latest report: global demand for security products to the annual 6.8% growth rate, to 2018 will reach $126000000000.
The report pointed out: Asia, central and South America, Africa and the Middle East market for the safety of consumer products, high heat. Also in the United States and Western Europe with good economic prospects and the construction industry back to the temperature is still safety products should not be overlooked is the main market.
Security technology innovation, the integration of traditional security devices and smart phones and other mobile terminals, lighting, heating and other intelligent building systems, will promote the sales of security equipment. In addition, the research data show that: in 2013 the electronic security products accounted for the proportion of the global security market more than 2/3. At the same time, the growth rate of electronic security products trading volume is expected to exceed machinery safety equipment in 2018. With the gradual expansion of the electronic security products market, as well as the improvement of the product system functions, will stimulate the global market for electronic security products, consumer enthusiasm, to accelerate the upgrading of existing products system.
According to the national division of the global market, until 2018 China and India electronic security market will be two digit annual rate of growth. At the same time, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey's growth rate is also very alarming, will be maintained at more than 8%. Although in the past 10 years, the electronic security market in these countries is developing rapidly. But compared with the more mature markets, there are a lot of places to be improved and learning. This also includes the Chinese market. Even according to 2013 statistics, China is the largest consumer market security equipment, the market value of the global turnover of 1/5.
Although in accordance with the current data speculation, in North America and Western Europe security market transactions will be lower than the developing countries, but as the development of relatively mature "veteran" security market and their contribution to global security product sales should not be overlooked. Thanks to the real estate industry back to temperature, security products, services and technology updates, the growth of the national product, consumption level and other factors, the U.S. security market will further develop. In the next few years, the Western European security market revenue and will not have too fast growth. After spent the period of economic weakness, leveraging and the installed security equipment upgrades, the Western security market will further development. However, due to the development of mature and stable stage, the market development in a certain extent will be limited to their own advantages.

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