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Smart home safe home safe

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In recent years, burglary, robbery cases are increasing, the police said that the theft of the case has been accounted for 2/3 of criminal cases, social and family security has been a serious threat. Small is stolen money, large and hurt the lives of. Only by the increase of family security problems, can be described as a wake-up call for each family to improve security.
Loopholes in the security door, from the perspective of theft cases in recent years, safety problems already caused the people's attention, for the doors and windows of the door, many measures, such as the installation of security doors, security windows. But still be thieves Qiaomen pry the window burglary. Self defense force difference between the elderly and children, stay at home alone, not only in the home was looted, the elderly and children's personal safety is also threatened. Such cases, can be found everywhere. Furthermore, weak awareness of the safety of ordinary families, most people think area security patrols, home with the anti-theft door, you don't have to install any burglar alarm equipment. As everyone knows, part of the residential area to prevent management
Loose, easy to climb the floor units, but also provide opportunities for criminals burglary. Home security demand has surged, the prevalence of smart home is inevitable. Home security incidents, making people began to focus on residential security, on the basis of the relevant security sector, the choice of smart home for residential propped up a security barrier, becoming the preferred way to protect family security. Demand determines the market, with the development of technology and technology, smart home is no longer unfamiliar to people, nor is it a rich class can use electronic consumer goods. Many security companies have set foot in the field of home security, launched a variety of powerful products, such as remote monitoring system, automatic alarm, etc.. To give life to bring more convenience and comfort at the same time, smart home is can fill gaps and lack of investigation, to shut out all accident and protect the user's safety of life and property.
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